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Chin Up Marketing is a Pittsburgh based Digital Marketing, Website Design, and Brand Awareness company. We specialize in a few key areas because that is what we found drives the most business. Web design and Digital Marketing are our top products and services because they work. We use advanced technology when we advertise for your company such as geo-fencing and re-targeting which work right along with google ads and social media marketing. Our websites are custom built, high end works of art, but having a beautiful website is not enough. Over 50% of users will leave a website if it does not load within 30 seconds. One of our differentiators is that we focus on design and performance rather than only focusing on design. By taking the extra steps, we can help your brand image, brand awareness, and your bottom line. By getting a new, up to date, and aesthetic website, we have seen the companies we have helped earn a better reputation and earned them more of the clients that drastically increase their customer base.

Trust Expert Resources

 Trust Expert Resources supplies expert witnesses to the legal and insurance industries. We helped them build brand awareness by creating a beautiful website, and executing a comprehensive online marketing campaign, resulting in increased sales and revenue.

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Thompson Magnetics

Thompson Magnetics is a leading supplier of industrial magnets. Being in business for 26 years, Thompson Magnetics has established a trusted brand. However, their online presence did not match their reputation. Chin UP Marketing built a website that accurately represents their company and their products. We also have an ongoing relationship with them managing their digital marketing presence. 

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Bentz Law Firm, P.C.

Bentz Law Firm is a Pittsburgh based law firm specializing in corporate, construction and banking law. They asked Chin Up Marketing to help them with their online presence. We built them a high performing, SEO optimized website that exceeds the standards for their industry. They now have a professional, yet captivating online presence allowing them to gain more clients.

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Neurosurgery Associates

Neurosurgery Associates is a medical practice in Rhode Island. Dr. Saris is a top neurosurgeon in the area and needed a modern website for his practice. Neurosurgery Associates now has a website that makes a great first impression with patients inviting them to learn more about the services Dr. Saris provides.

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Did you know???

57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile. You can schedule a free consultation to receive a fast quote on any website or digital marketing. 

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Our approach is to understand your business and your goals, then amplify your best qualities through a website that makes a great first impression with your prospects resulting in more customers and a growing business. That combined with an optional digital marketing plan which we manage, monitor, measure and adjust if necessary, will maximize your marketing budget leading to more customers.

Website Design

Website Design

We make the web design process simple for you. We talk closely with all of our clients and figure out exactly what you are looking for. Give us a call for a free quote!



Depending on the business we will create you a plan that works great for your industry. We will manage your social media, create advertisements for you, and advertise them for you. We are an all inclusive digital company.



It is important to have a strategy in place with any type of digital services. We create a plan and discuss it with you in detail. We use advanced technology to be able to re-target people who visit your website and are able to target prospective customers based on location. 
We work closely with all of our clients and work with them one on one. We make sure that we nail down a solid plan that will work for your company. Each plan is carefully thought out and is specific to your company.

Our Goal

It's Simple...

Grow Your Business!

And you can’t do that by fitting in with the crowd. We will ensure you stand out amongst the competition and grow your digital presence. It starts with a great website but that is only one of the many weapons in our arsenal. We can help you advertise on all the major social media sites such as google, facebook, linkedin, Instagram, tictok, and others. We will monitor your website visitors and can provide follow up advertising to them encouraging them to convert to customers.

Social Media Statistics

90 percent of millennials are using social media...
Gen X
78 percent of Gen X are using social media...
Baby Boomers
48 percent of Baby Boomers use social media...

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