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Our Organization

Chin Up Marketing started in 2019  by Trent Burns, who has a passion for marketing and serving other businesses. We specialize in a few key areas because that is what we found drives the most business. Web design and Digital Marketing are our top products and services because they work. By taking the extra steps, we can help your brand image, brand awareness, and your bottom line. By getting a new, up to date, and aesthetic website, we have seen the companies we have helped earn a better reputation and earned them more of the clients that drastically increase their customer base.

Chin Up Attitude

Attitude is perhaps the most important word in the English language. With our positive and helpful approach, we understand that clients know what they want. That is your job. Our job is to help identify what you want and make it happen. We take a consultative approach and figure out exactly what your business needs. We are a young and a growing company with the knowledge needed for modern day marketing. Help us understand your business needs and we will use our can do attitude to grow your organization. 


Chin Up Marketing seeks to promote other businesses in the digital space. We are always honest when it is difficult, always sincere, and provide the best product/service to help your industry. We know that not everyone is our customer, but we are open to discussing solutions which we have found useful in other companies and ours. Our instinct is to listen first, build trust, learn, and implement the newest marketing strategies.

Keep Your Chin Up!

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