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Do I really need a website if I am already getting enough customers?

A website will not only make your customers trust you more, you will attract higher end prospects with a new website. A website will display your work, service, and products in a way that will catch their attention. By having a website, you are proud of displaying you can be confident that you are that much closer to converting your best clients and once again making your life and their lives easier.

What makes a Website great? 

Websites are an art and a science. There are specific measures such as SEO, mobile friendly, website speed which make your website have optimal performance. The art aspect of web design is making a visibly aesthetic website which makes your customers believe and trust your message. At Chin Up Marketing we will do research in order to make your website the industry leader and stand out from the competition. 

How can I generate more leads?

Generating leads is also both an art and a science. Tracking your leads is the science aspect, but the art is having the right combination of ad spend, SEO, and having a fully functioning website that your customers love. By focusing on what works and not assuming your marketing is working, you will convert more high paying customers to your business.

How do I increase traffic to my website?

Digital Marketing and SEO are the best ways to drive traffic to your website. SEO is like the tires to your car and the car is your website. You cannot do anything with that car unless you get the tires put on it. SEO will rank your website in Google search and make for more traffic. We specialize in getting digital marketing and SEO that works. We give clearly defined reports which show the exact analytics of how your investment in SEO is working. It will show the return and how the keywords which we research are ranking you that much higher on Google.

What type of social media marketing converts the best?

This depends on the industry which you are working with and what demographic of people you are targeting. We can help discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using certain social platforms for your business. We can also research where your competitors are using their ad spend.

Can Social Media Marketing really help my business?

Nearly all young people have social media accounts and use them daily. This is enough to know that if you want to be successful in today’s marketplace you must be on social media with ads. If you are not an entertainer or influencer you must pay money to get your message across because people will not see your advertisements if you do not pay.

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